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Bardic Log [userpic]
by Bardic Log (bardiclog)
at December 10th, 2008 (07:25 am)

Title Reflected Glory
Claim Hogwarts' Professors
Prompt 205. Glow
Rating PG
Summary Basically just a bit on the personality of one Horace Slughorn
Word count 387

What Horace Slughorn looked for was the glow.

If you waited until a child was famous, until he or she had position and influence, then you couldn't take any of the credit for it. Yes, you could still take some degree of credit for consideration of the student, and could introduce them – but Horace Slughorn preferred being able to take some share in credit; it gave him a better position that way.

And so he looked for that glow, those first subtle signs of talent that showed a student capable of burning brightly, fiercely. Once he had seen that glow it was only a matter of polishing, of making the right overtures and introductions, and he could have a part in preparing that student to shine, to become a blaze of glory, and could bask in the reflected light.

Take Ginerva Weasley, for instance. No one too special, just the youngest child of a minor Ministry official with not enough money and too many children – Ginny Weasley and her secondhand wand and hand-me-down robes. How much could be expected of her? And yet Horace Slughorn had seen the glow – seen her cast a marvelous Bat Bogey hex, perceived her talent with spells as soon as he saw it. She would go far, if she wanted, someone who could cast like that. And so he reached out to her and began to polish, began to teach her what it meant to have the glow.

Perhaps for her he might obtain a new wand from one of his connections, or spare copies of her schoolbooks – some little token to help her succeed, to excel. And while she excelled, she could remember that it had been his intervention, his influence, that had swayed matters on her behalf. A bit of love potion to win her favored suitor? A drop of elixir with which to prank her brothers? Horace Slughorn was a master of reading people, of figuring out what they wanted, or what they thought they wanted, and offering it to them, always under the mask of generosity, always professing he needed no reward. And yet when they saw fit to thank him, to return his gifts out of the goodness of their hearts, who was he to refuse?

Yes indeed, Horace Slughorn liked looking for the glow.