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Bardic Log [userpic]
by Bardic Log (bardiclog)
at December 10th, 2008 (07:33 am)

Title The Love of Power
Claim Hogwarts' Professors
Prompt 207. Official
Rating PG
Summary A glimpse into the mind of Dolores Umbridge
Word count 192

Before even opening her eyes, Dolores Umbridge reached beside her on the bedside table, ruffling the papers as another woman might a lover's hair. Her lips curled into the smile Hogwarts was learning to fear. These papers meant she was a Ministry official; they meant she had Power.

Slowly, she traced a finger from the papers to her other prized possession, the blood quill with which Harry Potter wrote during his detentions. Cornelius Fudge might fear Dumbledore and Potter, but she would show him what it meant to her to be a Ministry official. Already she had begun to taste her power over them, the nasty boys that they were. She would be willing to bet they were the same sort of boy as those who had once called her a toad, laughing at the expense of a poor defenseless child.

Opening her eyes, she smiled more fiercely. Let them try to make fun; she was a Ministry official and to disrespect her was to disrespect the Ministry itself. And if a student disrespected the Ministry, why, then the Ministry had given her the power to punish them – any way she liked.