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Bardic Log [userpic]
by Bardic Log (bardiclog)
at December 10th, 2008 (07:41 am)

Title Belonging
Claim Hogwarts' Professors
Prompt 209. His
Rating G
Summary During staff reviews, Albus Dumbledore speculates on Severus Snape
Word count 496

Once again, the time had come for staff reviews at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Pulling apart two particularly sticky lemon sherbets, Albus Dumbledore considered the file currently on top of the stack. Severus Snape.

Albus knew the contents intimately; he knew the contents of every file. Severus's file included numerous complaints from every House but Slytherin. Minerva McGonagall had brusquely noted his unfairness towards Gryffindor, but just as brusquely dismissed the tendency. “If Gryffindor students cannot surmount this challenge, they do not deserve to win the House Cup.” Sprout worried that he intimidated her Hufflepuffs too severely, particularly the first years. Students from every other House had their complaints; only Gryffindor had dared include the words “greasy git,” but that sentiment carried through the rest well enough.

Albus knew how Severus treated the students from other Houses, knew especially how stern Severus was with Harry Potter – part of it his role as a spy, part of it an honest and thorough dislike for the boy, so like James, a face come to haunt Severus from the past. Albus watched how every time Severus looked into Harry's eyes, he was met with a hatred and loathing fierce enough to rival that of James; he saw how Severus struggled, every time he dealt with Harry Potter.

He saw, too, how Severus dealt with the students from Slytherin.

Slytherin was, without question, his. If any student of the House needed anything, they would find Severus waiting, ready to supply what they needed – even if it was not what they wanted at the time, there was still a kind of fierce love in what Severus did offer. While every other first year learned to fear the Potions Master, the first years of Slytherin knew he was watching out for them, looked at him with awe and respect, perhaps tinged with fear, but they looked to him for protection. Severus responded marvelously to the occasion, their patron, their fierce champion. The older students retained this awe and both respected and looked to Severus as a mentor and guide. Of all the Houses, Slytherin was the House whose professor was without a doubt the Head, the most close-knit family of the Houses.

Nor did Albus Dumbledore miss Severus's dealings with Draco Malfoy. As much as Harry echoed James, Draco echoed Lucius – echoed Severus's own perceived patron, the one who had offered Severus what he perceived as incredible opportunities. Now Lucius had seemed to return, only in the guise of a boy, still growing and vulnerable, but with a fierce admiration and love for Severus already, completely prepared to look to Severus as a role model and guide. Draco seemed to Severus to be a chance for redemption; Severus was certainly Draco's best chance for redemption.

No, no matter how biased Severus may seem, no matter how many students complained about unfair points, assignments, detentions, Severus Snape was needed.

He belonged to Slytherin as much as Slytherin belonged to him.