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Bardic Log [userpic]
by Bardic Log (bardiclog)
at December 10th, 2008 (06:04 am)

Title Unacceptable
Claim Hogwarts' Professors
Prompt 204. Newspaper
Rating G
Summary Gilderoy Lockhart finds his paper to be disappointing, though the other staff members are disinclined to agree
Word count 234

“Unacceptable!” Gilderoy Lockhart's newspaper went flying across the staffroom, flying just past McGonagall's hat and landing perilously close to Severus Snape's black tea.

Ignoring the warning glare, Lockhart threw himself backwards against a chair. “I'm done for. I should have known this day would come.”

Sprout bounded out of her seat and hurried to comfort the man. “Who's escaped? Or is it sworn revenge? You must remember, Hogwarts is very safe...”

“Oh, I'm sure our dear Professor Lockhart could handle any ghoul or ghast that came his way,” Snape said, stirring the tip of his wand in the steam from his tea. “I would suspect that he has failed to make the front page.”

“You might be amused, Severus, but this could signal the beginning of the end, the failure to make the front section...”

Sprout stepped away. “Honestly! I thought you were in danger!”

“This is danger! This is very important – why can you not take this seriously?”

“Perhaps because we are too busy worried about how to cram essential knowledge into our students' heads,” McGonagall snapped. “Perhaps if you would devote more energy and attention to the task at hand, you would find the placement of Prophet articles less world-shattering.”

Seeing he would win no sympathy here, Gilderoy left the staffroom in search of an admiring gaggle of girls to boost his self-esteem – being adored always helped him feel better.