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Harry Potter Fanfic 10x10

Writer's Challenge

Harry Potter Fanfiction 10x10
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Harry Potter fanfic writing challenge
This community is now un-moderated, unless I hear of some serious emergency or someone being a mega-jerk. Feel free to drop me questions, of course, and I'll try to answer them as quickly as I can.

An HP fanfic challenge community inspired by fanfic100, 100quills, slash100, drabbles100 and so on!

Challenge your writing muse, Harry Potter style! If you’ve checked out the amazing fanfic100 and its affiliates, you may have found what I did: it’s not easy to stake your claim on the topic and prompt table that you like. After all, it takes awhile to write 100 stories! The goal of this community is the same as theirs: inspiration, fun, and challenging fanfiction writers to push beyond their normal boundaries.

Info and Guidelines:

» You can find the prompt tables HERE

» Pick a table and a character, pairing, threesome, moresome, book in the series, era, House(s), generic HP, whatever!

» Write a story, or chapter of a story, per prompt on the table you chose, focusing it in some way around the character/pairing/whatever you chose.

» Het, Slash, and Gen are all welcome here; any rating is permitted, too. All stories should be posted under an lj-cut, so if someone doesn't want to read something, they don’t have to!

» If there’s a prompt on your table that you absolutely cannot write for whatever reason, you have the option to replace it with one of the choices from the replacement tables, found below the rest of the prompt tables.

» Feel free to tag your posts. The format that was used up till now was:
For example:

Some basic points:

If you want to collaborate, go for it.
One prompt per story or chapter.
No word limit.
No deadline.
All genres and ratings allowed.
Always lj-cut stories!
Proper warnings and rating, please.

Any questions? Post here.

The “How do I…?” list:
» Choose a prompt table
» Post your table at your journal
Post a story at the community
» LJ-cuts
» Tagging
» Link your story to your table
href="http://community.livejournal.com/hpfanfic10x10/750.html">Am I missing anything?

One of the only rules I’m serious about is no flaming and no spamming. Let’s just be nice (or keep quiet, at least) and have fun!